[EPUB] Hockey Hotties #1 My Lucky #13 by Piper Rayne

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Publisher: Piper Rayne, Incorporated
Genres: Sports Books, Romance Books, Contemporary Books
Pages: 249 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN13: 9798521356300
Tags: Sports eBooks, Romance eBooks, Contemporary eBooks, epub eBooks, Free epub
Language: en
Lucky. The one adjective used to describe my entire hockey career. I prefer to call it hard work, at least I did until my game went to complete crap. I haven't scored in eight games and the team owner is talking about trading me. I've never believed in superstitions. Never needed one. I suppose I was "lucky" in that way. But now the best way to refer to me is desperate. I'd wear the same socks for an entire year just to be the high-scoring center I used to be. Imagine my surprise when after spending New Year's Eve with a woman, I score a hat trick in the next game--that's three goals in one game for you non-hockey lovers. Now, I have to track her down and bribe her to do it again before every game. Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm not talking about it. I find her and when I get to know her better, I end up spending more time thinking about her than my game, but she's made it clear she wants no part of me. She's going to learn that I didn't become a professional hockey player without having to fight for what I want


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