[EPUB] Salacious Players Club #4 Mercy by Sara Cate

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Publisher: Sara Cate Books LLC
Genres: Romance Books, Contemporary Books, Adult Books
Pages: 390 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1956830227
ISBN13: 9781956830224
Tags: Romance eBooks, Contemporary eBooks, Adult eBooks, epub eBooks, Free epub
Language: en
I don't want to hurt him-I just want to punish him.It's bad enough being the only female owner of the Salacious Players' Club, but I'm also the only one without a kink, or so I thought.Imagine my surprise when the kink quiz suggests that I'm not so vanilla after all.In fact, I'm a lot more like Emerson Grant than I thought.Just one problem-I have no idea how to be a Domme.That is, until the app matches me with someone willing to help me learn.He's too young for me.Too stubborn. Too good looking.And, oh yeah, my friend's son.Beau Grant is a brat. I'd hate that about him if I didn't love punishing him so much.Underneath all of that attitude is a man who is misunderstood, selfless, and in need of direction.But if he wants mercy, he has to earn it.There are a million reasons why I should stay away, but I'm tired of doing what everyone thinks I should do.I finally know what I want, and I'm ready to take what's mine.


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