[EPUB] Red Storm #1 Battlefield Ukraine by James Rosone , Miranda Watson

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Genres: Fiction Books, Thriller Books, Military Fiction
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Pages: 512 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1977646174
ISBN13: 9781977646170
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When superpowers collide...

...a single shot can ignite a global disaster.

Will the Ukrainian conflict start WWIII?

Barely settled into the White House, the new American President is faced with a choice. With the smartest military advisers by his side, and the Joint Chiefs prepared for war, he must give the order.

Who will he listen to?

What's the correct move?

In Moscow, the memory of the long winter never fades. The Ukraine is key to the Kremlin's plans and the Americans are meddling where they don't belong. This chess match will change the world.

Never has technology been so advanced.

But that alone won't win the day.

If you enjoy force-on-force battles filled with hair raising action, you'll be hooked from the start. It will keep you turning the pages because everyone loves an edge of your seat thriller.

Get it now.

The Red Storm Series is best enjoyed when read in the correct order as each book builds on the previous work. Reading order:

Book 1: Battlefield Ukraine
Book 2: Battlefield Korea
Book 3: Battlefield Taiwan
Book 4: Battlefield Pacific
Book 5: Battlefield Russia
Book 6: Battlefield China

*When you buy a book written by Rosone and Watson, they have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds to help support the following organizations: Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, and Charity: Water.


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