[EPUB] The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World by David Icke

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Publisher: David Icke Books
Genres: Nonfiction Books, History Books
Pages: 898 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 1916025803
ISBN13: 9781916025806
Tags: Nonfiction eBooks, History eBooks, epub eBooks, Free epub
Language: en
He wrote in the 90's about the 2008 Banking Crash, The War on Terror, Transhumanist Agenda, Microchipping, the Cashless Society and more. In this Book he takes a look back at the event that shook the World in 2001, the September 11th attacks in New York. He looks at who was really behind it and why, what has happened in the years following 911, the increasing evidence to show the official story doesn't stand up to research and what has happened in the World since that day. This is one of the most controversial books ever written.


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